Family Law

Over 34 years of experience representing clients in a variety of family law cases, including dissolution of marriage (divorce) or domestic partnership, paternity actions, child custody, alimony, child support, and property division.

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 Immigration Law

If you need immigration services, there is nothing more important than your lawyer's knowledge, experience and willingness to work closely with you. Over 34 years of experience defending individuals in removal (deportation) proceedings, family petitions and waivers.

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Family Law  


Victor M. Castro 
Principal Attorney


Victor M. Castro has more than 34 years of experience representing family law   and immigration clients.




  • Mr. Castro, I want to thank you and your team first of all for the opportunity to even go [through] with my case. No one had ever taken their time to look a little deeper into my case you can't imagine how many attorneys I went to and they would always close their doors on me. I really appreciate you trying harder. Thanks to that dedication to your clients I have been approved. I've been praying so much and there is no doubt in my mind that God has put you and your team in our way to help him with this big miracle I've been asking for 20 years. Thank you thank you thank you have a great day and feel proud of yourself and the great team you have by your side you guys are awesome.


  • Mr. Castro is an EXCELLENT man. He was very honest and caring every single time we had to meet regarding my divorce and horrific custody battle. He is not like all the rest. He cares and goes out of his way to represent the truth. We felt that every time we went to court Mr. Castro was not only respectful and to the point, you could tell that other attorneys knew he was and that our judge also complimented his ability to remain on point. Castro legal team is the best representation we found. And we for sure did our homework in interviewing with several law firms. We would be LOST without Mr. Castro, Mrs. Vindiola, and staff. I appreciate Mr. Castro more than words can say.


  • Mr. Castro leads his team with his heart and head in the right place. Mr. Castro is a VAWA expert. He will be your true advocate, if you share the 'true' facts with him.

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