Property Division         

Except upon the written agreement of the parties, or on oral stipulation of the parties in open court, or as otherwise provided in this division, in a proceeding for dissolution of marriage or for legal separation of the parties, the court shall, either in itsjudgment of dissolution of the marriage, in its judgment of legal separation of the parties, or at a later time if it expressly reserves jurisdiction to make such a property division, divide the community estate of the parties equally.

At the Law Offices of Victor M. Castro, we have the knowledge and experience torecognize and resolve the issues for a fair division of community property andpreservation of separate property assets. We also investigate the potential for any claimsfor credits, reimbursements, breach of a spouse’s fiduciary duty, setting aside transfers ofproperty which were done in violation of the spouse’s fiduciary duty, sanctions forviolation of a spouse’s breach of fiduciary duty.

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