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If you are like most people facing a divorce, it may be difficult to know where to turn next. Family and friends are telling you one thing. A select few lawyers may seem to be promising you the world. You know you need someone who will not only be on your side, but is also ready to stand by your side.
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At the Law Office of Victor M. Castro, you will know that you have the right law office on your side. From the moment you come to talk to attorney Victor Castro, you will feel welcome and cared about. No, we won’t try to tell you that we know exactly what you are going through. How could anybody? It’s your marriage coming to an end. But we will promise to be responsive to you and compassionate about your circumstances as we work toward a firm and fair resolution that meets your needs.
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Contact our office in San Jose to schedule a consultation to speak with us about what you need your new future to look like after your divorce settlement is final. We’ll explain the process and help you understand your options. We represent clients throughout Santa Clara County, California, and Silicon Valley.

“I have experience resolving tough financial settlements that include complex stock options, pension QDROs and overseas business property. Our firm works with many of the top financial experts in the country to help protect your property interests in your final divorce settlement.” Victor Castro

For more than 35 years, attorney Victor Castro has been protecting the rights of clients in Californiafamily law courts. Our full range of services includes:
Grounds For Dissolution or Legal Separation
Dissolution of the marriage or legal separation of the parties may be based on either of the following grounds:
Grounds For Dissolution or Legal Separation
A marriage is voidable and may be annulled if any of the following conditions existed at the time of the marriage:


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